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But, like so many frothy confections before it, there are only so many love triangle/hit-and-run/prostitution/addiction storylines to go around, so the show had to choice but to get “creative” with its plot points, presumably leading to its demise.

Surrogacy, adventures in party planning, cancer genes, and an errant food truck storyline all featured prominently in season 5, so yeah, not a shock.

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Cannon is a sleaze -Annie, guilty about her hit and run, starts dating weirdo outcast Jasper, who sells drugs to Adrianna, blackmails Annie, sets Liam’s boat on fire, and tries to commit suicide by jumping off the Hollywood Sign.-Dixon starts dating an older woman named Sasha, who think he’s a hotshot DJ, and not the nerve-grating high school student he actually is.She later lies and claims she’s pregnant with his baby.Season 3: Naomi gets scammed by a spiritual leader, Adrianna turns psycho, Teddy comes out -Annie and Dixon’s parents get divorced; their mom starts up with the “hot ” teacher although he now has a baby with Naomi’s evil sister, Jen.-Teddy and Silver are together, but Teddy realizes he might be gay after having drunk sex with another guy, Ian.-The “very special episode” in which Silver finds out she has bipolar disorder.


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