We match for you dating workaholic

For example, if you’re a Type-A workaholic and always wished you could ease up, you may be drawn to a laid back partner who isn’t detail-oriented.

You rely on his approval so desperately that you also become a bit needy.On a conscious level, you may assess the things he said, on an unconscious level, you’re looking at his body language, his tone, the way he phrases things, how much eye contact he makes, his demeanor.If your unconscious finds something familiar in that person, something that reminds you of an unresolved hurt from the past, it will light up and push you towards that person.You go out a few times, not expecting much, but soon enough your interest and attraction begins to grow.Things feel calm, there’s no drama, no heart palpitations…it feels really nice. That’s because the first scenario illustrates everything we’ve ever been told about love.After this encounter you can’t–for the life of you–get this guy out of your head.


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