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In 507 BC Rome's hostages and lands were restored, and peace between Rome and Porsena was cemented. In 508 BC, after the siege of Rome, Porsena split his forces and sent part of the Clusian army with his son Aruns to besiege the Latin city of Aricia.

It is believed that Clusium joined the Etruscan League of twelve cities in the 600's BC.The divisions of time used in the fasti were based on the Roman calendar.The yearly records of the fasti encouraged the writing of history in the form of chronological annales, "annals," which in turn influenced the development of Roman historiography.The Roman city remodeled an earlier Etruscan city, Clevsin, found in the territory of a prehistoric culture, possibly also Etruscan or proto-Etruscan.The site is located in northern central Italy on the west side of the Apennines.Pliny never saw this tomb, so his description was based on a report from Varro and perhaps a conflated comparison to the Minoan labyrinths he describes before this tomb.


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