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Later down the line, it can be constructive to delicately share things about your past relationships, what you learned from them, and what you’d like to do better in the future as it relates to your present relationship.But save that conversation for when monogamy is on the table rather than brining it up in your first several dates.This might lead to a relationship, but one that is built on a false foundation, and false foundations never last.It doesn’t matter if you’ve never had the urge to learn how to play tennis- that’s not the point!Seize the opportunity to take charge and you’ll sweep her off her feet.

But ultimately we’re simple creatures who are just looking for a nice guy with whom have decent conversation, a few laughs, and who will potentially sweep us off our feet like a Disney movie circa 1991.The point is to show interest and display effort towards learning what makes her tick.You don’t have to become a tennis professional or even reach her level of skill, just put in the energy.While it’s important to share your thoughts, it’s just as important to let her share hers.Try to maintain that balance between talking, listening, and asking questions.A date isn’t an audition; it’s a chance to test your chemistry with another person.


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