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She told him again there was no point in getting it since he wouldn’t have any and she didn’t want to eat the whole pack by herself but he said that was okay because they could save the rest in the freezer for later on when she’d want it. She spoke to him like an irate mother who was disgusted with her child’s behavior. He just dropped the pack of pepperoni back and quietly kept pushing their cart. In that moment he looked like a man whose confidence and spirit had been beaten down – for trying to be considerate of his wife’s desire for pepperoni.

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Before you get married, while still in the courting phase, how are you presenting yourself to him?You Emasculate Him I’ve noticed that a good number of women belittle their husbands. I was at the grocery store the other day and I noticed a man with his wife (they were a Caucasian couple, seemingly in their early 30s) standing and talking next to me in the cold cut meats aisle.After a few seconds, the wife picked up a pack of pepperoni, told her husband that she wanted to get it, and asked if he would want it.Keep in mind that however he started off with you is how he’d naturally expect to continue on with you.I’m not saying kill yourself in the gym or stop eating.The wife asked him what he was doing and he said since she wanted it, they should get it.


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