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Mom always said that she and her sisters got their looks from Grams, who won a statewide beauty during her senior year at the university.

Grams says she can almost fit into the evening dress she wore that day but I don't think she'd quite make it. I don't know what happened to me in the sex department.

Please note that even though girls under eighteen appear in this purely fictional story, they take no part in sexual activity beyond the mention of Saturday night dates. It had a three hundred fifty cubic inch engine with a four-barrel carburetor and it could really fly, but that wasn't the reason I liked her.* As I watched my eighteen-year-old grandson with his sixty- seven mustang my thoughts wandered back to the early sixties and my first car. I liked her because I enjoyed the second most memorable event of my life on the spacious front seat.The most memorable had occurred on my fourteenth birthday.What’s helping, and what’s getting in the way you getting things done?What’s the real impact of your loudly singing coworker on your ability to focus? You did need to know but let's not let it change our feelings for each other." I must admit, after a day or two to adjust, things didn't seem to change at all. As I matured and started to think about girls, sometimes, when I looked at Grams, inappropriate thoughts crossed my mind. To be perfectly truthful, since I saw her get out the shower last night I couldn't get her off my mind. The place is Jones Corner, a town of about three thousand in what is known as the Carolina Low-country.


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