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Want to complete your previous relationships, deal with breakup skillfully and transform your life by telling the truth?

Join Radical Honesty Weekend in Berlin with two trainers. Contact Jura at workshops(at)ABOUT THE TRAINER Jura Glo is a Radical Honesty trainer-in-training, Personal & Relationship Coach, Tantra Massage Therapist certified by Somananda Tantra School, Conscious Workshops Leader, Event Organizer and Assistant for people with disabilities.

All of our users can earn free Prive Talk coins each week, based on their activity and behaviour.

Those coins can then be used to promote yourself for free, giving you more chances to meet someone nice.

We want to keep your Prive Talk experience as private as it gets.

Therefore, we are openly against taking screenshots when using our app.

Come to the Radical Intimacy – Weekend Workshop in Berlin with Jura Glo. PRICE with online registration 25 EUR VAT 35 EUR at the door.

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Everyday talk is the most private way of communication. There’s no record of what you say, but yet the impressions you make are lasting.

S.), whose work is often defined as Compassionate Radical Honesty.

Jura has a gentle and calm way of leading workshops that support people in complete relaxation and evokes deep meditative states that bring powerful insights and transformation.

What if you were completely honest on your very first date?

This HONEST DATING NIGHT is for singles who want to mingle without deception. With guided practices of Radical Honesty & R/evolutionary R/elating for connection, movement, conscious sensuality & real experiences.


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