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However, some experts say there is more to it than unemployment.

Professor Clement Dzidonu, president of Accra Institute of Technology says Ghana’s reputation for cybercrime was affecting what could be a booming E-commerce industry and like in Nigeria, which is also notorious for Internet scams, tech savvy youths are simply taking the easy way out.

At the slaughter slab, the carcasses are scrubbed of singed fur and soot. The abattoir sits by a road so choked with traffic that, for hours, nothing appears to move.

Then, what happens next depends on the market woman who owns the meat. Some prefer to keep the carcasses whole, toss them in an industrial freezer and butcher them just before they’re sold. That morning the meat market was a hive of activity.

The opposition, New Patriotic Party said it will liberate the private sector as an engine of job growth, invest in inner cities and achieve double digit growth in power.

Experts say many African countries face a race to increase growth fast enough to absorb young people entering the labour market as the continent’s population swells in coming decades.

Several people said their email accounts had been suspended but they just created new ones.On that morning it was the prep area for a street-food hawker who was hunched over a pestle and mortar grinding peppers, tomatoes and onions into chili sauce.The smell of charred flesh drifted over from an enclosure of timber and zinc roofing sheets: the burning area.It is just youth who have gone astray and get into this,” he said.Ghana votes on December 7 with President John Mahama locked in a tight campaign against opposition leader Nana Akufo-Addo as he vies for a final four-year term.The young people create aliases using profile photos of porn actresses and start chatting online. “When they (internet fraudsters) go to the internet cafe they go to a dating site, and when they go to the dating site, they just meet so many desperate, divorced and stuff so they just chat with you and they just get your mind,” said one fraudster we will call Ama.


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