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You might be surprised to learn that you don’t actually have to run a full-time incorporated business to be approved. (See Business cards)What is the best rewards card to pair with Delta Sky Miles airline card?

-- Factors to consider when adding any rewards card include how much you spend, where you spend and what kind of rewards you prefer. (See Rewards card to pair with airline card)Is it time to ditch the Virgin America credit card?

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Expect more cards to tailor rewards to consumers ages 20-35. (See Cards court millennials)Should you use your card issuer's travel portal?

-- Should you use your card issuer's travel portal? (See Card issuer travel portals)How pairing two cards can boost your rewards -- There is nothing wrong with just using one rewards card, but let’s look at how relying on two main cards instead of one can increase your rewards. (See Pairing rewards cards)How to earn rewards on your teen's spending -- Adding a teen as an authorized user on a parent's credit card can build the child's credit and help in amassing points, miles or cash back. (See Earn rewards on teen's spending)Airport lounge tips from tech CEO who turned airline clubs into a business -- Lounge Buddy CEO Tyler Dikman shares his thoughts on the best way to use cards to unlock lounge access. (See Airport lounge tips)Q&A: How do redeemed travel points get refunded if I cancel?

(See Extended Warranty)Getting started with card rewards -- If you're looking to up your credit card rewards game, there are some sites that can give you the best information to boost your rewards quickly ...

(See Getting started with rewards)Is a Disney credit card worthwhile?


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