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Sainsbury’s has announced it’s going to be selling vinyl albums from Monday March 21.

The supermarket will sell LPs for the first time since the 1980s following the success of Adele’s 25 which sold over 300,000 in the retailer’s stores.

While is Fleet Foxes’ most distinctive record—one that no longer finds them aligned with any particular movement in indie rock—it also positions them within a musical lineage dating back half a century.

Prog folk seems like the most inclusive term to describe this kind of music, signifying artists who brought the ambition and intensity of progressive rock to the simplicity of traditional folk songs.

But as it evolved, artists incorporated their progressive influences more subtly, following in the footsteps of classic albums like Van Dyke Parks’ While the boundaries of prog folk are perhaps tenuous from like-minded subgenres, this album-length retrospective highlights common ground among a number of seminal artists, ones who’ve scoured the sounds of the past and left all its weirdness and beauty intact.

I’m Gregory Rogove, and I play drums and/or sing in few groups, including Devendra Banhart and the Grogs, Megapuss, and Priestbird.

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It was an honor to work with such an incredible musical voice.

Vinyl sales reached a 20 year high in 2014 in the UK at 1.29 million, following seven years of unbroken growth, according to the Official Charts Company.

“The diverse nature of CD sales at Sainsbury’s – from bestselling chart lines to more specialist catalogue - has given us the confidence that our customers not only choose us as a destination for New Release albums but are also open to recommendation and discovery in store.

Now, soloing usually implies an improvisatory exploration or statement; however, solos can be composed or at least somewhat premeditated as well.

Regardless of how you approach a solo, one thing that sticks in my mind about this aspect of drumming is the story.


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