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Mostly notably, over 30,000 Igbo in the north were killed and two million fled back to the south in 1966 in the “Igbo pogrom” that followed the January coup and July counter-coup.During the Biafra War, all other groups rallied round the federal government.However, Normachos threw a spanner in the works by sharing a calculator that claimed the answer was 18.Warpedroses admitted the whole thing was making her head hurt, saying: 'My god, how can people not do simple math?Feminemjean joked that time travel provided the answer, saying: 'We in 2025 already.

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Today, the south east, like much of the country, suffers deficient and dilapidated infrastructure and widespread youth unemployment. They point out that as federal revenue allocation is based on number of states and local governments, the south east receives the least of all zones. With no Igbo heading any of the military and security services, many argue the region has no voice in key organs such as the National Defence Council (NDC).

Almost 50 years later, another distinguished Igbo, Chinua Achebe, claimed that “Nigerians of all other ethnic groups will probably achieve consensus on no other matter than their common resentment of the Igbo”.

These feelings have been deepened over the decades by recurrent rioting in the north in which Igbo have suffered great losses.

Let that sink.'Users quickly rushed to correct his calculation, with many sharing funny memes illustrating people trying to work out maths problems.

But it seems that Sandalshagger, who has a history of ironic tweets and received 3,500 likes for his latest effort, could have deliberately been trying to wind people up.


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