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Other blood tests pertaining to the liver are measurements of some of the other enzymes found the liver.

In addition to AST and ALT, alkaline phosphatase, 5' nucleotidase, and gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase (GGT) are a few of the other enzymes located in the liver.

Bile contains water and several solids: cholesterol, fats, salts and proteins. Ongoing blockage can damage the liver, the gallbladder or the pancreas. Organ damage and infection can be serious problems.

Gallstones are not as common in children as they are in adults. Most often, there is no specific underlying cause for gallstones in children.

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This is not to say that it is exclusively located in the liver, but that is where it is most concentrated.Under normal circumstances, these enzymes mostly reside within the cells of the liver.But when the liver is injured for any reason, these enzymes are spilled into the blood stream.The focus of this article is mainly on the most common liver enzymes, AST and ALT. It makes many of the chemicals required by the body to function normally, it breaks down and detoxifies substances in the body, and it also acts as a storage unit.When the liver is damaged from disease, medication, alcohol, or other factors., a person may have symptoms of liver disease such as The aminotransferases enzymes catalyze chemical reactions in which an amino group from one amino acid (amino acids are building blocks of proteins) is transferred from a donor molecule to a recipient molecule, hence, the names "aminotransferases."Medical terms can sometimes be confusing, as is the case with these enzymes because they have interchangeable names that commonly appear in both medical and non-medical articles.But some factors can put kids at increased risk for them: exams.


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