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Also i advise you to try or even blind buy a bottle of Jubilation XXV's powerful brother who takes care of all the middle eastern places affairs also known buy the name Amouage INTERLUDE. A modern Oriental chypre in a way that only Amouage can do right, this luminous beauty mixes in a myriad of notes yet comes off as relatively light and airy.

PS: I do find Aventus to be a great tropical fragrace i may even be buying a full bottle soon. I was trying to be amusing and i was tying to have a little fun.). In this case, the notes are orange, coriander, labdanum, tarragon, olibanum, blackberry, guaiac wood, cinnamon, bay leaf, honey, orchid, rose, clove, celery, opoponax, patchouli, myrrh, cedar, musk, oakmoss, ambergris, Oud and immortelle (phew! Unlike many other offerings from this line, although the juice has enormous lasting power, it is moderate in projection and sillage.

Then, the berry note becomes the star player with honey to polish it off. Nice sillage and longevity, and I love the bottle and presentation.

The scent is pleasing but surprisingly not strong enough even at EDP concentration. This one is elegance in a bottle and for high-status seeking professionals. Likely an older male I have recently purchased this fragrance given all the high praise this fragrance receives.

Initial impression from a first wearing from a new bottle: Smells like nothing else. It’s hard to tell where one note ends and another begins. I got about 3 to 4 hours out of it before it went to skin after applying in a quantity just this side of generous. The fragrance just feels very cozy and warming on a cool winter night.

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It’s like any dessert that after a few bites it’s so rich that you feel full.One can easily appreciate the quality with the opening notes.It smells opulent, sophisticated, enchanting..scent is heavy, and can seem overwhelming at first.On my skin, the fragrance opens with a creamy blackberry smothered in resins.The fruity berry note doesn't disappear altogether, but gets considerably softer throughout the wearing.But when my 10ml sample runs out, replacing it will not be a priority. so Aventus walked away with his tail between his legs to join his other boring creed fragrance brothers.


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